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vývoj pro Cameron
Development for Cameron

GEARWORKS OSTRAVA developed a drive for a winding mechanism for a drilling rig winch and designed the largest gearboxes with  planetary gearing, providing the customer with great added value.

vývoj 3D generátoru globoidního soukolí
Development of 3D globoid gear generator

We participated in the development of a 3D generator of a globoid gearing, including machining on multi-axis machinery. For the project, we created calculation applications which can generate a 3D model of globoid gearings according to ČSN 01 4771 and AGMA 6035-A02. Our team of professionals fine-tuned the manufacturing technologies on milling centres. We are proud of how we have gained the know-how for manufacturing globoid gears up to a wheel diameter of 3,000mm.

skipový vrátek
Skip winch

Following the customer’s documentation we implemented a comprehensive delivery of a skip winch for a blast furnace including electric motor, hydraulic systems and running-in of the equipment on the premises of GEARWORKS OSTRAVA.

třístupňová planetová převodovka
Three-stage planet gearbox

Our goal is to deliver even the most demanding jobs. In the manufacturing of the planet gearbox, great demands were placed on the precision of finish with respect to the subsequent assembly. Three planet gears were placed in a very limited space, therefore, one of the requirements was the efficient utilization of space. The assembly was very demanding with respect to the quality of manufacture of not only the gearing, but also all the gearbox components.

uzavírací šoupátka pro vysokopecní potrubí
Sluice valves for blast-furnace pipelines

The GEARWORKS OSTRAVA technical team also implemented the manufacture of complete sluice valves for blast-furnace pipelines with a diameter up to 2.8m. This concerned precise engineering production, including pressure tests.

převodovka pro offshore
Gearbox for offshore

Multi-stage shift gearbox for an anchor drive. The complexity of the manufacturing and assembly was due to the shifting option. Usually, gearboxes are manufactured without the shifting function. Several different parts must “meet” inside the gearbox, not just two gears, as in the case of a classic gearbox.

pohon stolice válcovací trati
Rolling train stand drive

Another interesting job for us was the complete manufacture of double 3° gearbox for a rolling train. We met all the customer’s requirements, which placed emphasis on the highly-stressed equipment, precise wheel bedding, including vibration and noise checks.

pohon housenice podpěrného vozu
Support cart caterpillar drive

GEARWORKS OSTRAVA also designed and manufactured worm-planetary gearboxes for the caterpillar drive of a large-scale excavator. This is a highly-stressed drive with extreme gear ratio.

pastorkové hřídele pro těžký průmysl
Pinion shafts for heavy industry

Manufacturing of a long shaft with double-helical gears with large module.

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