Manufacturing Programme

We offer a wide range of services in the comprehensive process of gearbox manufacturing – from design to a finished product.

převodové skříně a ozubení
Gearboxes and gearing

Thanks to our experienced employees and state-of-the-art technology we manufacture various types of gearboxes, but also worm gears, including globoid.

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strojírenská výroba
Engineering manufacturing

With our modern machinery we implement universal engineering manufacturing and also focus on large products.

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repase převodových skříní
Overhauls of gearboxes

We offer professional services in the renovation of used gearboxes, we will commission obsolete and non-functional gearboxes.

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tepelné zpracování
Heat treatment

At GEARWORKS OSTRAVA we offer a wide variety of heat treatment technology. We operate furnaces of various sizes.

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projekce a konstrukce
Design and Engineering

Our team of professional employees in the design department will design gearboxes and gears according to your requirements.

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